Helping Black Women position themselves for the next stage of their careers, navigate race and gender bias and be effective in leadership.
Helping Companies create attract and retain Black Women leaders in the workplace and create Corporate cultures that allow diversity to thrive

Deliberately Create The Job You Really Want!

According to the ‘Lean In (2019) Report and the South African Commission for Employment Report Black Women, in particular, are the least represented in positions of leadership in the workplace. Besides the bias, at the intersection of gender and race, black women have been conditioned to be ‘good girls’ who play small and eat last at the office. Black women in the place aim to increase the representation of black women in leadership positions by helping black women position themselves for leadership in the workplace, navigate bias at the intersection of race and gender. We help companies create a pipeline of black women leaders in the workplace, retain black talent and transform their corporate culture to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture through DEI programs that include consulting, coaching, and training.

Coaching and Training

One on One Coaching to help Black women navigate obstacles to the success of their careers, which are at the intersection of gender and race.

The Reimagined Black Woman in the Workplace Programs

Online Coaching and Training Programs to support Black Women in the Workplace

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs for the Workplace


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To exponentially increase the representation of Black Women in positions of leadership in the workplace


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To help Black Women position themselves and be effective in Corporate Leadership positions, navigate bias at the intersection of race and gender and to facilitate the creation of Corporate Cultures where Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion thrives.


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Lifelong Learning

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