Helping Black Women position themselves for the next stage of their careers,
Creating a Pipeline of Black Women Leaders in the Workplace and Corporate cultures that allow diversity to thrive

Deliberately Create The Job You Really Want!


Private Coaching to help Black women navigate obstacles to the success of their careers, which are at the intersection of gender and race.

Re-Imagine the next stage of your Career

Access to an online community of like-minded professional black women and career success training and coaching.

Consulting Programs for Corporations

Consulting to assist companies to create cultures that enable the development of a pipeline of black women leaders through diversity and transformation programs.

‘I really appreciate the way you listened actively and asked questions that helped me draw my own conclusions and uncover things about myself. I felt safe and understood talking to you. You spoke very gently and you were so reassuring, but you were also firm in helping me see where I could be at fault in my interactions with others. I really appreciate that you identify that problems at work are much deeper than the surface level of performance and skills, and you targeted the issues at the core of who I am. I learned so much from this session, and the lessons I took from it are priceless. I will be able to let go of my burdens and run and do amazing things in my career because of your guidance.’

– Ruth N

You helped me to see aspects of the way I operate I have never seen before. Thank you for the celebration – It feels good to celebrate achievement and to bask in that a little bit. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder – telling myself I am proud of my younger self and tell it is actually okay to be a child – the world does not break when you enjoy yourself. I have a lot to think about – just from this session with you. Thank you for the heart and eye-opener”

– Confidence M

Wow thank you, I definitely believe it’s not a skills issue or a competence issue but rather the need for coaching… It’s just unfortunate that ladies figure it out once it’s too late

Kgomotso N.

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