Don’t mistake the Vessel for The Source

Never mistake the Vessel for the Source

One of the reasons why we get stuck in toxic relationships, religions, jobs and dying businesses is that we mistake the Vessel for the Source

The illusion of separatedness from Source makes us mistake the Vessels through which Source brings our provision or abundance to us as THE source. As a result we fail to discern when the Vessel no longer provides that which nurtures and in fact has become poisonous

When you believe that it is through your religion that you get your blessings, you will blindly follow it even when it misleads you. A friend shared that he has a business idea that know will work but it’s against his religion. I told him he needs to reflect on whether his religion is still an enabler and empowerer or it has become a block.

When the person who brought good in your life, who may have rescued you from the worst and brought you to abundance has become toxic, you might stay cause you are on stuck on who they were and no longer are. Divorce maybe super painful and traumatic, however just like death it is part of the evolution of our journey and growth.

When you believe that the source of your provision is through your job, you will stick to it even when it no longer serves you. It may have been meant to serve you for a season and the season has ended. Don’t stretch it for too long because you are mistaking it for the source.

When you mistake your business with your purpose and destiny you will fail to pivot, when circumstances are clearly pointing to the fact that it is time to pivot

When you realise that the magic is with you. That you are not separate from the source. That your provision, your abundance is separate or different from the vessel through which it has been delivered in one season of your life from the next. Pivoting, leaving, outgrowth is not a crisis but a natural part of life.

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