Don’t shoot the messenger, do the work

It’s fascinating that people will project their anger at women for raising these issues instead of working with what the trigger is calling them to question within themselves. Black men have to do the work of facing up to their privilege, their supremacist attitudes and harm that they enact on women instead of weaponising the word feminist to silence us who are calling them to the truth. What white supremacy is doing to Black people is what Black men do to Black women. The fascinating thing is that patriarchy is killing men as much as it is women. I don’t have to quote the suicide rates, alcoholism, chain smoking, promiscuity, drug abuse among men, among Black men lately.

Can we appeal to Black men’s humanity. Women are not made with any different material than you are. Before you abuse someone you have to dehumanise them, you have to project to them what you hate about yourself.

Men have projected emotions , weakness to women. They have made part of who they are as human beings inferior undesirable and have projected those ‘undesirable qualities on women.

The problem is that, that part of you that you have rejected is harming you. Instead of doing the work, you project that anger to women. Inadvertently disempowering yourself by becoming victims. Your disempowerment is not benign, it is deadly.

We need to have a conversation about the social construct of gender, just like we need to about race. By the way if you are a white person. Replace Black men with white man, white woman. It’s the same thing.

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Published by Hlatswayobusisiwe

MBA (Henley), Career Coach and Founder Black Women in the workplace

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