Believe in the power of your own ideas

Believe in the power of your own ideas.

I was reading one Peggy Macintosh’s essays where she made the above statement, that young people should believe in the power of their own ideas.

Not only should they believe in them. They should pursue them, expand them, look for clues that success always leave behind. Spend their 10000 hours that leads to their Tipping point that Malcom Gladwell’s writes so eloquently about .

I was watching a cool reel recently that said be delusional. I loved it, I totally agree, be delusional. All powerful ideas started as a delusion. Think about it, no one who made anything of significance was realistic.

I actually think that those we call realists are actually cynics. Cynics who mask their fears with an arrogance of cynicism. Be careful who you listen to.

When I doubt my ideas, I ask myself; who’s voice is in my head? Whose this cynic that is living rent free in my head?

Young people, old people, be delusional. The strength of the belief in your delusions, will power your persistent actions in the direction of your delusional visions.

Be delusional, then back those up with consistent, persistent action.

That’s how you change the world, that’s how you get to the 10000 hours and your Tipping point. That’s the stuff legends are made out of.

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MBA (Henley), Career Coach and Founder Black Women in the workplace

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