Protect the Black Women Leaders you promote

Protect the Black Women leaders you promote

Stop tokenising them and give them proper positions with the requisite power, territory and resources

Stop sending them as wolves to the slaughter by promoting them to organisational cultures that are not ready to support Black Leaders

Stop letting her be the only Black Women Leaders so she has to face the burden, loneliness and scrutiny of being the only

Stop piling her with office house work so she is burned out with proving to you that she is capable

Stop punishing her for not acting like men and punish her when she does.

Stop gaslighting her, believe her so that she doesn’t have to scream so loud she sounds like a crazy women so you can have a reason to not listen to her.

employmentequity #transformation #antiracism #blackwoman #blackwomenintech #blackwomenleaders

Published by Hlatswayobusisiwe

MBA (Henley), Career Coach and Founder Black Women in the workplace

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