Surrender to rather than fight for

We may be tempted to believe that the next level leader, the one who makes the creates the next level of impact and earns the next level of income, the one who will leave an enduring legacy; is an ideal outside of who we are right now.

That we have to build her, fight for her, strive for her. The truth is, she already exists and is calling for us to step into her, to surrender to her, to let go of the resistance.

The resistance are the paradigms, beliefs,unhelpful patterns of being; that we have picked up along life’s way. We have to let go of them, not necessarily because they are bad, but because they no longer serve us.

She who we seek is inviting us to step into her. Inviting us to let go of the need to prove that we deserve to be her, the need to write a whole dissertation about why it’s not selfish or unrealistic or irresponsible to want to be her.

This process is both easy and hard. We are equal to the task. We can do hard things and we can do easy things.

Published by Hlatswayobusisiwe

MBA (Henley), Career Coach and Founder Black Women in the workplace

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