You are the boss

You are the boss

You are the King of the jungle that is you, You are the Captain of your Sheep, You are the Ruler of Your Universe. Nothing happens in your life until you say yes albeit an unconscious yes but a yes all the same.

You are the only one that can say yes, God, The Divine, Source, The Universe, Your Ancestors, Your higher self whatever you call it/her/him can’t force anything on your life that you deem unsafe for you to have.

‘But I want this’ you say, I have set and intention, I’ve prayed, I’ve visualised, I’ve fasted, I’ve affirmed, I’ve meditated, I’ve journaled but still I don’t have it. I have said yes, but all I get is more of the same

What you might not realise is that you have two governments inside you. The main cabinet and the shadow cabinet. The main is the intender it wants to create, to grow, to win. The shadow is the risk assessor/ the judge/the wounded one, it has the lowest risk appetite, it wants to protect, it wants to keep safe.

It might be the shadow cabinet but it is just as powerful, it will usurp power and take over if the main government is sleeping in the job. Your job is to get these two governments to agree. You have to bring the shadow into the light. Deal with the long list of risks it has identified, release, reassure, reframe. Only when the shadow government is in agreement with the main, can your intentions come to pass.

Now you know, go on and do the work.

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MBA (Henley), Career Coach and Founder Black Women in the workplace

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