Lessons from my goodbyes

Lessons from goodbyes

I have a ministry of goodbyes. I’ve made a number of significant, life changing goodbye’s in my life.

I’ve left the religion I was born in, with that all forms of organised religion. I’ve said goodbye to close family members, including a fiancé I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I’ve changed careers a number of times, I’ve left organisations a few times. Change has been a constant in my life.

This is what I’ve learned.

I’ve learned that the station in life that you are in, is supported by beliefs that you have adopted. Some empowering and some not so empowering. These beliefs define and support who you are, they are comfortable. That’s why change feels so unsafe, it is a form of death. A death of an identity, a way of thinking that we have identified with.

There is always a beautiful reward on the other side of change, new experiences, new people, new ways of being that can be incredibly fulfilling. The hard part, the part that most people would rather stay in places they’ve outgrown rather than face; is the transition.

I don’t blame them, transitioning is hard, it is scary, it feels unsafe, like death, because it is a a form of death. A death of an identity, a way of thinking that we have identified with. A death of who we are, a shedding of our old skin, a leaving of our cocoon, an unplucking of our feathers. A letting go of what’s familiar to allow for the new.

I’ve learned no matter where you are, there is always the next level that is calling to you. It may be the next level of income or position, it can also be a next level of thinking and of being. Regardless, after a while you get a nudge that the time has come for you to move from that which was once good for you to the unknown, the next level. Change is always the next level, even if it’s change from being a CEO to becoming a petrol attendant.

What is it going to be, Beloved?

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