The Power of your Intentions

The Power of your Intention

Intention is like a goal or a prayer, a wish or a hope. However, an intention is stronger than all these. An intention evokes our Self-sovereignty – the Divinity, the Creator in us.

An intention shatters the illusion of separateness from the Divine. An intention denies a Divinity that is separate from us, that we have to beg, impress, get permission from, to get what we want.

An intention is a command, a creation, a calling into reality that which we want to experience.

When we set an intention, we do not ask for permission from the Divine, we do not ask for, or check if it is the will of the Divine. We assume that what we choose for ourselves is what the Divine wants for us

Because we are not separated from the Divine, the Divine is in us, the Divine is us, we are the expression of the Divine.

We acknowledge that our intentions do not come from the human in us but the Divine creativeness that wants to express its expansiveness through our life.

Our intentions are an invitation to experience more of life, expansion, growth. That is the nature of life, of the Divine: to expand, to grow to evolve.

When we are nudged to grow; we don’t ask whether it is the right thing for us, we do not shame ourselves for our ambition. We accept the invitation, we chose it. We live in the inevitability of its manifestation, regardless of what our circumstances look like.

What is the intention that is calling you today?

Now you know, go on and do the work.

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