Is your Company Ready for a Black Women Leader?

Is your company ready for a Black Woman Leader?

Mrs Nolitha Fakude in her book the Boardroom Dancing narrates an incident she encountered during her first few meetings as a CSuite executive. One of the executives made a point of forgetting to print a copy of his presentation for her on 3 occasions. On the first one she assumed it was a mistake, on the second she was so angry she didn’t follow much of that meeting and on the 3rd she finally spoke up and the CEO instructed that the presentation stop and a copy be organised for her there and then.

Now these are some of the encounters that Black Women in Leadership face on a day to day. They may not be much when taken individually, however they are happen all the time. Such that it becomes a death by a thousand paper cuts for these women. Going to work becomes a ritual of armouring, preparing for battle. You can imagine the burn out that comes with leading in such an environment

The question then becomes, as an organisation; what preparations do you make before you promote a Black Women into leadership? What are the land mines in your Corporate Culture that she might step on? What have you put in place to mitigate those risks, to create a psychological safe environment for her to thrive?

At Black Women in the Workplace we are about helping Companies create cultures where Black Women Leaders can thrive and when Black Women as the most marginalised identity thrives, everyone thrives.

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