Change happens first at the identity level

Change happens first at an identity level

Just like the buildings we occupy, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear had to be envisioned and confirmed in someone’s mind before it became a reality so it is with the things we want to achieve.

We have to first see ourselves as people who can achieve them. Our intentions have to be so locked in conviction that reality has to follow. I’ve seen it with things I’ve accomplished and with things I didn’t.

I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant, I studied BCom. I fell along the way, not because I wasn’t capable – there are people who have obtained that qualification that I used to assist back in Uni.

and of course there are physical circumstances that explains why I didn’t become a CA but the biggest factor was that I couldn’t envision myself as a CA. I felt unworthy, I believed that people like me, who came from where I come from couldn’t achieve that.

The same thing almost happened with obtaining the MBA. I almost left my studies on two occasions. What was different though was that the intention was stronger. The agreement was at an identity and or energy level.

It didn’t make it a smooth ride. I had to dig deep to finish my dissertation. However the achievements thereof had become inevitable. The decision was made at an identity level. I was already a person who had earned a Master’s degree. It was done.

So it is with the next level of income, of impact of leadership or whatever it is you want to achieve. You have to become it before you achieve it

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