Change is breaking an addiction

Changing is breaking an addiction

For us to up-level we need to change. What brought you here definitely cannot get you there. One of the reason that change is so difficult is because change requires a breaking down of an addiction. An addiction/ a habit that is being who we are

Who we currently are is not just a habit but an addiction. Science tells us that when we think a thought, a chemical concoction is sent to our bodies to feel the feeling that is aligned with that thought.

Through repetition that thought becomes a belief, the feeling – the chemical concoction becomes an addiction such that the body demands it from the minThe mind in order to send the chemical concoction that the body craves thinks the thought, it then becomes a loop. This loop in turn determines our behaviour, our habitual response to that trigger.

Changing then requires breaking that habit, the mind no longer thinking the thought and the body not receiving the chemical fix.

That is why transformation that doesn’t involve the body often fails. When focus on our change interventions only at a cognitive/mind level. We live out an important ingredient to transformation the body, the emotions, the feeling.

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