Change requires an incubation

Change needs to be incubated

One of the reasons why the popularity of motivational speakers has waned is that change more often than not, requires an incubation and an integration period for it to sustain.

What motivation or any type of insightful communication including books is that they interrupt our patterns by providing an awareness of our unhelpful patterns or a more useful way of doing things.

Sometimes just the awareness is enough for a person to change. Or the person is inspired enough to build the habit and integrate the change.

More often than not, our habitual, addictive ways of being takes over and we revert back to who we are before the awareness; before our patterns have been interrupted.

Change can be an immediate decision, however that decision is not enough. The decision requires a transformation of your identity. That is so fundamental and often so uncomfortable; that if you are not incubated/supported you are not likely to sustain the change.

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