Your Analytical Brain

Your analytical brain

I love watching cult documentaries. It’s always fascinating to me how a person can get you to believe in something a 100% such that you are not able to detect when things are no longer in alignment with what you signed up for.

The people stay stuck in these places are failing to exercise their analytical mind. The part of us that looks at the cold hard facts, asses and make a decision. I say that we need a good dose of that, in a world full of predators such as ours don’t you?

However, the analytical brain when taken to extremes can serve as a barrier. A barrier for us to up-level. Because for one to up-level, they need to adopt a new belief system and let go of the current belief system that keeps them where the are.

New beliefs often feel uncomfortable, because they are not aligned with our comfortable habitual way of thinking and being.

In that instance our analytical brain kicks in, finds all the reasons why these new beliefs are not true. Then we quickly revert to default.

Your analytical brain can bring you the

safety of conviction but it leaves no space for new thought/beliefs and therefore no space for new results.

Which one do you choose today? Safe and same old or uncomfortable but new results?

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