I release what no longer serves me

I release what no longer serves me

I read Viola Davis’s memoir ‘Finding me’ in one sitting. I could relate to so much. The alcoholic violent father, the sexual abuse, the poverty and a lot more. I did not go through everything she did, this is not a contest of who had it worse but I could relate.

What I also could relate to is the impact of that wounded inner child and how she seeped into every area of my life including my career and created consistent, inconsistencies.

I was both ambitious and inadequate, bold and had social anxiety, courageous and people pleasing, confident but fearful of people’s disapproval.

I did my healing work and a lot of that is no longer there. I had to get to a point where I could acknowledge that I’m good at what I do, that I’m worthy of making my dreams come true, I am worthy of being loved, valued respected and supported. I give my self the permission to be the sovereign over my life. That I could support the women that I choose to serve in doing the same.

I am still doing my work and everyday I am getting better and better.

I am inviting you into this 3 day Your next level of leadership, income and impact bootcamp if you are ready to

• Detach from, release and heal your inner wounds, your inner limitations so you can embody your empowered next level identity

• Tap into the power of your intentions, the creator within. So you can deliberately create your results and stop being a victim of other people’s approval

• Step into an identity that aligns with the level of income you want to earn and the level of leadership you want to show up at.

Click below to register to attend my 3 day : Your Next Level of Leadership, Income and Impact Bootcamp 17-19July, Online from 18:30 SAST each evening


Click the link below to book a connection call and other ways to connect.


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