Freedom is one of my highest values

Freedom is one of my highest values

As soon as I am convinced that I am no longer free I leave any situation no matter the consequences. I am not impulsive, I would take time to observe and analyse then make my decision. I must add, every time I have chosen to leave I have expanded.

Freedom to me is love, expansion and respect as opposed to obligation, fear or shame. Nothing is more sacred to me.

When I left the church, it was for the same reason, the God that I was being taught was not just about love but he was also very much about fear, control and unjustifiable inconsistencies.

When I broke my engagement and any other friendship, love and family relationship; It was when I felt it was no longer about love, expansion and respect and had become about obligation, extraction and devaluation.

The same as when I left toxic workplaces – there have been a few . It had stopped being about passion, expansion and building and had become about devaluation, mistreatment and control. The psychological contract had been breached and it had become about survival.

I pride myself for having always chose freedom when these choices were put at the table. Freedom to me is choosing myself, my peace, my joy, my expansion. Unapologetically putting myself first. That’s the only way I can give be of true purpose, when I pour from a full cup.

I tend to attract Coaching clients who are similar to me in that sense. Who value Freedom, expansion and passion.

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