There isn’t a right pitch for an inconvenient truth

You’ve probably heard that so many times. She’s got a point but there are better, more effective ways to say it or this is not the platform. This is often the truth. There are more effective ways to speak the truth.

However, for a chronic people pleaser, who has just found their voice, the pitch will not be right, nor said in an effective manner. Right or wrong, they will suffer the consequences thereof.

The consideration that we expect from those who speak an inconvenient truth. The requirement for them to choose the right platform, handpick the words carefully, modulate their tone in the right pitch so that the truth land in the most effective way – a way that invites collaborative engagement and problem solving.

That same consideration, is one which we should extend to those who ineffectively speak an inconvenient truth. Can we take the time to also sift through the noise, and find the treasure, the inconvenient truth that we need to confront? Instead of hiding behind the ineffectiveness of the delivery because we are unwilling to have the difficult conversation?

You see people pleasers have the same boundaries as the most assertive of all us. They may not be aware of them or lack the courage to communicate then. But every time a boundary is crossed the suppressed fires of their anger are being fuelled. Just like a volcano, when it finally erupts there will be collateral damage.

To the people pleasers, speak up more often ,let off some of the pressure before it builds into volcanic proportions.

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