There are many ways to lead, what’s yours?

When we have absorbed the belief that there is a way of leading. A way that others have defined and we have to first learn it, follow it and refer or is it defer to it to be effective?

When we think this way, we will always feel like imposters , ever the student and never the confident master. We will always feel afraid or hyper vigilant in case we miss it . I’m all for learning, learning for the purpose of expansion not always from a novice point of view.

However if we acknowledge that all our minds are the manifestation of the ‘source mind’ of the collective consciousness,that is connected to everything. We would know that there is a wisdom in our intuition, the wisdom that is connected to all that is true. The wisdom that knows what the next step to take is.

We can continue to learn because in truth we only allow ourselves to learn what we already resonate with, that which our individual mind has tapped into, in the source mind. Learning is therefore a reminder, a way to tap into what we know and believe already.

Our intuition allows us to create from the creativity and the authenticity of our uniqueness. Our uniqueness is our greatest value contribution to the market and to any relationship we enter in. Continue to value and trust your inner knowing.

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MBA (Henley), Career Coach and Founder Black Women in the workplace

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