The Feminine and Masculine Balance

The Feminine and the Masculine balance

The world is awakening to the power of the inner feminine wisdom and way of being. A way of being that is not necessarily linear and structured as the masculine structures we’ve been living in.

Audre Lorde speaks about bringing the erotic into our work, not the pornographic which is superficial and all about sensation, divorced from Eros from which the name erotic comes from.

The erotic demands that work is pleasure and flow. It reject the prostitute way of working – doing what you do no matter how much you hate it and yourself for doing it ( this is not meant to offend sex work in general and to imply that all sex workers hate themselves and their work). Where work is what we do to survive and weekends, alcohol, food and sex is what we do to numb.

Feminine wisdom is about being comfortable with ‘chaos’ of creativity. With the irrational , the unknown, unclear, the intuitive. It’s about flow, work and rest. It’s not about compartmentalising our lives but allowing all that to merge into one life of pleasure, love and flow. Bringing that – the best of us, into what we create, the work we do.

Masculine ways of being are all about structures. Monday to Friday 8 am to 5pm is work, evening and weekends are play. You work hard, apply discipline in all you do, achieve, acquire. Push , shove, strain and conquer.

While structure is useful and supports progress and momentum. We have gone into the extreme of the masculine, suppressed the feminine and we have reaped exhaustion, numbing and autopilot behaviour.

The truth is that both the masculine and the feminine work better when they are in alignment and in support of one another. Both are present in all of us both man and women, in different proportions.

COVID provided a pattern interrupt that allowed more of the feminine way of being to be. We are loosing that by going back to pre covid times and it is sad to witness.

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