A career midlife crisis

A Career Mid-life crisis

It is a career equivalent of a mid life crisis. It often happens when most of what you have wanted to achieve has been achieved and you can feel yourself being less and less engaged.

I noticed it when it happened at the same time with my friend and I. We were good at what we were doing, getting the recognition, living in the shiny apartment, driving what was once our dream cars, but

something was wrong, we didn’t want what we thought we wanted now that we had it.

I’m noticing that with my clients that it is happening earlier and earlier in their careers. Like me, because they came from poor families, they chose careers that were expected to be financially lucrative. They were going to be the heroes who will take their families out of poverty.

Now that they’ve ’made it’. They made career choices for the ‘heroine’ in them and not for who they truly are. Or maybe the career choices were great for who they were then, and not who they are now.

The reason it becomes a Career midlife crisis is that they feel stuck between what is calling them and what they ‘should’ do. Mainly because so many people depend on them. Not just financially but also on them maintaining the image of who they are. Who they are in their careers is how they get approval.

It is also scary to live the known for the unknown. ‘ The dark night of the soul’ happens when they are called to build the resilience to let go of the external approval and to bring the approval internally; so they can live lives of integrity, not of self-sacrifice and people pleasing.

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