The Cure for the Saviour Complex

The Cure for the Saviour Complex

As people who come from lack, we often suffer from saviour a hero complex. When you are a child growing up in poverty, you may create a fantasy that you will one day grow up and save your family and community from suffering.

This is beautiful vision and a lofty mission. If it is not accompanied by other unhealthy habits of thought and of being such as enmeshment and lack of boundaries) It can lead to a life of purpose and impact.

When it is not, it can create an enmeshed relationship with those we want to help, such that we don’t know where we end and where they start. We can hold ourselves in lack and in sacrifice trying to lift them up. The result of that is that both of us are stuck.

You have to realise that you can invite them to a solution without needing to be in the trenches with them .You also can’t suffer enough for others to suffer less.

That keeping yourself from expansion because you want to take everyone with you, doesn’t make them expand it just keeps you stuck.

The cure for the Saviour or Hero complex is the realisation that you are not that powerful. That you cannot save others, you can help, you can encourage, you can contribute but the only person that you have agency over is yourself.

You have to give yourself the permission to save yourself and to give others the permission to find their way, their own power and choose their own path.

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