A solution for every problem

A solution for every problem

Not all problems need to be solved. Not all

problems need to be solved immediately, not all problems need to be solved by you alone, not all problems need to be solved by you, period.

Survivor’s guilt will have you running around trying to solve every one’s problems. Survivors guilt will have you be a shoulder to cry on, the voice of reason, the one who can always be counted on to swop in and solve.

There are times when you have to stand aside and allow people to go through what they need to go through to find their inner compass. To get in touch with their power, their higher selves, the one who knows the right way for them.

Sometimes you have to recognise that you are not the one to solve this problem. Not solving the problem is a way for you to liberate yourself from what your ego has been to you about; that your value is being an answer to everyone’s prayer, that your worth is in helping.

You are used to justifying your worth by what you can do for others. Standing aside allows you to find your inherent worth. You are worthy because you are not because of what you do. Liberate yourself.

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