What you seek is seeking you

What you seek is seeking you

We do not create the things we want through tangible mechanisms like action, competence , hard work, networking, etc. These are the physical mechanisms that serve to bring these into physical manifestations but they are not the source.

We attract the things that we want when we are ‘energetically’ aligned to them. That’s why you might be the hardest working person, or the most networked or the most competent, attend many interviews but never get the job.

Not because you are not doing things right but because part of you is not energetically aligned to what you want. You have to be the leader you want to become before you are even appointed.

Every time I speak to a client who is not breaking through to the next level position. There is always a reason, the reason is not always what they think it is. It is usually a subconscious reason that we uncover in a session. That creates awareness but may not break the pattern, that takes more work.

We think we have to create what we want. We have to prepare ourselves by getting another qualification or become good enough – whatever good enough means it us.

Actually what we want is available to us right now, and is waiting for us to energetically align to it. Once we do, the actions we take become more effective, synchronicities start showing up, things become easier and quicker to achieve when you focus on your alignment.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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