Start with alignment

Start with alignment

I think it’s great to start with your why. It certainly helps when things go haywire to remember why you started. What is not helpful is when you use your why to justify why you should achieve success in that endeavour.

We can be so stuck in justify why we deserve success. We become jealous of those we deem less deserving than we are when they achieve what we can’t seem to be able to.

We have been sold a lie that those who succeed are the most deserving of success. That they are the most talented, most disciplined, it’s those who work the hardest.

Even though these feature in success they are not the reason why people succeed. People succeed because they choose to, because they believe themselves to success and act in alignment with their beliefs.

They actually move from a belief to a knowing. The knowing is what inspires the hard work, the discipline, the commitment. That’s why it’s not always the most talented, nor is it the most disciplined or the most hardworking that succeed.

The catalyst for success is the unseen, energetic alignment to our outcome. It’s the same energy that creates worlds. It’s the tapping into our divinity. Alignment with the deliberate creator within.

They may not use those words, they may call it confidence, they may call it relentlessness or faith. In the end it’s not the doing, the doing is an outcome. It’s not the deserving, deserving has nothing to do with it.

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