The courage to be human

The courage to be human

I’m revisiting Brene Brown on vulnerability, courage and shame. And I’m realising that when we get to the ‘professional’ workplace wesuddenly try to remove our humanness from the equation. Which is basically what vulnerability is.

It is the part of us that doesn’t have it all figured out, the part of us that is afraid, that can be irrational, messy. We think we can refine ourselves out of being human and when our humanness pushes through we hide it, deny it, we ‘manage the press’ we ‘spin doctor it’ out.

The truth is we are all just human, in our brilliance and in our failures, we are just human. It’s our humanness and the humanness of those we interact it that we crave. We want to see and be seen, hear and be heard. That’s what keeps us engaged.

Unfortunately this is the part of us that we hide the most. I was a leader in the workplace and I know that I did not always take the courageous path, which is leading with my humanness.

I did not always have the courage to have the uncomfortable conversation, that required the emotional resilience that I did not always have at the moment. I tried to, I often won and I sometimes failed.

The thing that people we lead remember us by is not our brilliance but by how human we were. How much we saw them and allowed them to see us. Not by being boundary-less walkovers but being able to hold them accountable without losing our humanness.

This is the same stuff that makes all of our relationships work. Whether it is parenting, friendships or romantic relationships. This is the ideal that we should strive for.

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