Are you a disconnected leader? It is time to go!

Are you a disconnected leader? It’s time to go.

People go to work not to just make a living. They go to work to create, to feel connected, seen and affirmed. This is different from outsourcing their worth to something external. It’s the expansion of their internal worth to the work that they do, the things that create, the affirmation of the contribution they are making.

As a leader it becomes your responsibility to give that to people you are leading. It is mainly from you that they will get the affirmation that they belong, that they are part of the team, their contribution is valuable. It is from you that their shortcomings will be acknowledged and communicated to the with clarity and kindness so they can keep growing.

These are things that come more naturally when you as a leader are connected. When you are at home with yourself. When you are giving the same to yourself and feel connected to your organisation. The same stuff that makes you a decent human being are the same things that those who follow you need from you.

When you are not integrity with yourself. When you are suppressing the things that feel uncomfortable to face, when you do not practice self awareness, self love, self compassion and integrity. When you are disconnected from the job that you do and you quit and stayed to collect a salary.

Know that you are not negatively impacting just yourself, you are robbing the people that you lead their right to feel safe, connected and affirmed in the workplace. You are robbing the customers you serve, good customer service and full value for their money.

The people that you lead deserve better. They need you to do your inner work. They need you to reconnect with the work that you do. and if you cannot; then it is time to leave and go find what lights you up.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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