It is safe to be in your power

It is safe to be in your power

I recently had an opportunity to be a facilitator in a corporate event. I showed up strong, I’m in my confident, inspirational and charming self. I can feel the response from the participants, we are jelling, it’s all good.

Then it hit me, ‘Busi you are being too much! Look at you, oh my goodness, you love the spotlight, aren’t you a little embarrassed?’

A few years ago that would have had me shrinking into my shell. I was able identify what was happening in that moment. That no one was saying that to me but I was, even if someone had said that to me; they would still be reflecting what I’m subconsciously projecting. As well as their own projections which have nothing to do with me.

One of the reasons why many capable women are not raising their hands for leadership positions, is this fear. The fear of being in their power, of being in the spotlight – all eyes on them.

They may have logical excuses why they are not positioning themselves for Leadership in the workplace. I hear them daily in the women I coach. Some will say that they are introverts, making themselves visible or ‘kissing up’ as they like to say it is not in their nature.

While there are legitimate biases and barriers to leadership for women and Black women in particular. The greatest barriers are internal, and one of them is the fear of being seen in their power.

It is not an unjustified fear, lightning strikes the tallest tree. Being seen, self promotion goes against how girls, Black girls in particular are raised.

I’m here to say that it is safe to be ‘too much’ to have the spotlight on you, to being seen in all your power.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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