It is safe to let others make up their own minds about you

It is safe to allow others to make up their own minds about you

One of the challenges that comes with being a first, which is usually the experience of Black women leaders is the feeling that the spotlight is on you.

That your every move is being scrutinised, that people are holding their breath because they are not sure whether you will succeed or not.

This is often an unconscious bias that women face even from their Allies.

This is due to the default association of leadership with men. In addition to this one may feel that they are representing the whole race and gender. That if you fail, it will confirm the stereotype that women can’t lead or that Black people can’t lead.

This can be a real barrier to authentic leadership. And can be a subconscious impediment for attracting positions of leadership.

The work becomes

◦ Doing the inner work of self definition and self approval.

◦ Building the assumption that people generally approve of you

◦ Doing the consistent work of continuously building your knowledge and skills and therefore your confidence

◦ Giving people the freedom to think of you as they please. (Analyse feedback for what may be useful but never take things personally)

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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