It is safe to trust yourself

It is safe to trust yourself

One of the reasons we hold ourselves back from committing to pursuing the next level of leadership, impact and income is the overestimation of what it takes to be successful in leadership.

This is not meant to minimise the challenges that come with being a leader, making a legacy creating impact and achievement of a high level of income. However it is not rocket science, in that it is not unachievable.

There is an episode in ‘Being MaryJane’ where she says that one should never meet their idols because they might be disappointed. The truth is people who are living the life that you want are human beings, who are sometimes afraid, who at times feel like impostors. The difference is that they do not let that hold them back.

You cannot know enough to prepare yourself for the kind of world we now live in. We just came back from a pandemic that shut down the whole world at the same time. No one could fully imagine and therefore prepare for such a scenario.

We get through such situations as leaders not so much based on what we know but more from who we are. Our adaptability, resilience, ability to learn and pure grit.

So don’t disqualify yourself out of the running for the next level because you don’t think you know enough or you are waiting to cure your impostor syndrome. Can you learn? Can you ask for help? Are you resourceful, adaptable and resilient? Then go for it.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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