It is safe to stretch yourself

It is safe for you to stretch yourself.

Some of the coping mechanisms that we learn during difficult circumstances might have taken us to a certain level of success. However, if we find ourselves stuck in a certain level, however hard it might be to admit it, it’s time to learn a new skill, try out a different method, to stretch ourselves a bit more.

The default strategy for most women to advance in the workplace is to work hard to prove themselves. Although this might be hard, it is quite easy once you’ve built the discipline to rely on your competence and performance.

The next level of leadership becomes difficult to attain and sustain because different skills are required. The ability to contain, navigate and engage with power. Being at ease with being visible, with disapproval and conflict.

The ability to hold a vision, lead and navigate difficult terrain, persuade others to buy in, continuously putting yourself in situations that do not feel comfortable, that requires a different skill set than performance and competence.

It might feel too overwhelming to go through the learning curve of building these skills especially if we are unable to get over the sickness of perfectionism.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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