Navigating power

Navigating Power

One of the reasons why we hold ourselves back from reaching for the next level of leadership, income and impact is our discomfort with navigating power, ours and other people’s.

We observe Black women in positions of power having to deal with serious opposition (to put it mildly) and subconsciously decide that we are simply not equipped for that. And we wonder why we find ourselves unable to move to the next level even though we claim to want it.

The fact is that power lends itself to being contested and requires navigation. It then is not enough to just be ambitious and competent. One has to be willing to equip themselves with the skills, support and emotional resilience to navigate power.

This does not come naturally to most people and especially not to women. Women are generally socialised to submit to power, not to seek power, not to navigate power and not to align themselves to power.

I facilitated a session of women recently and one of them commented that she has always aligned herself to power and as a result has become one of the boys. One could feel the tension in a room full of women. Women judge themselves and each harshly for wanting to have power

Some women are privileged to have been born into and mentored to navigate power but most aren’t. Don’t let that stop you, allow yourself to be supported.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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