The Courage to Leave!

The Courage to leave toxic workplaces

It has become expected that when the public learns reports of spousal abuse, specifically physical abuse; the first question that is often asked is why did she stay so long and the second is why did she take so long to speak out.

It easy to assume in cases where the abuser has more money, that the reason is the fear of financial loss which often means loss of security and livelihood.

However, that is not the reason for many cases, take for an example the long list of celebrities who have been abused by their spouses and took long to leave or didn’t leave at the first sign of abuse.

The latest to come out being of Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt. I mean we are talking about Angelina Jolie here, one of the best paid actresses of all times.

Similarly in the workplace; these abusers have to work somewhere, don’t they? What makes the victims of abuse tolerate year after year of abuse from an employer? Is it really always for economic reasons?

It might be true that jobs are scarce but is that employer the only one who can provide the job that the abused person is holding on to? How many people left and gotten even better opportunities?

The truth is that just like in abusive relationships it is rarely ever about the money. It is about having the emotional resilience, capacity and courage to leave. Knowing that you can bounce back. For some that comes naturally due to their upbringing.

For most of us, that emotional capacity has to be built and nurtured. You can go at it alone or you can allow yourself to be supported.

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