Are you ready to step in and fill the vacancy?

Are you ready to step in and fill the vacancy?

One truth, that came out clearly from the leaked Dischem letter is that companies can no longer get away with not promoting Black Women into leadership positions.

The second truth is that when those Black women are promoted they are going to be faced with a lot of adversity from people who don’t believe that they deserve to be there and that their appointments is stealing jobs that those people are entitled to.

The question then becomes when these opportunities for leadership positions open up for Black women will they found you ready and equal to the task?

Will they find you willing and ready to put your best foot forward, to throw your hat in there to take on the challenge? Once you are appointed, will you be ready and equipped to navigate the challenges that are waiting for you in that contested leadership position?

Of course we are tired and no longer want to just be known as the Strong Black woman, however we want to be able to tap into that strength when we need to. While being able to tap into our softness when we want to.

Yes we are tired and no longer want to be known for our resilience, however we want to be able to tap into that resilience if the situation requires us to.

We want to be equip ourselves with the skills and support required to be ready to step into those positions. We don’t want to provide excuses for our own exclusion.

Life, people, situations will dominate/oppress you in the area where you are weak. You have to equip yourself

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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