Thank you for serving me

Thank you for serving me.

It has become an acceptable fact that Bullies are part of many workplaces. This shouldn’t be so. Daring Leaders should create environments where such behaviour cannot thrive. Where it is decisively addressed and eliminated.

However, if life were as it should be we would all live happily ever after. Life is not as it should be. There are bullies, manipulators, racist, sexual predators, the so called snakes in suits in the workplace.

There are also ‘good people’ who sometimes, maybe even unconsciously display manipulative behaviour when they are backed in a corner.

As deplorable as these people or behaviours are, they serve a purpose. They often serve to show us areas in our characters that are still undeveloped.

There was this cute video of a child who was going around giving hugs to people in a park. It was heartwarming and that spirit of kindness needs to be nurtured in our children. However, we have to also teach them to be vigilant, to discern situations where kindness might make them vulnerable to predators.

The same applies in the workplace, we want to be able to respond or approach a situation with the appropriate attitude and response it requires.

We to be vigilant without becoming paranoid. We want to be firm without becoming hardened. We want to be kind but be courageous enough to advocate for ourselves and others.

It is in this sense that bullies and snakes in suits serve us. They reveal areas in our lives where our approach and response is not appropriate to the situation. Areas in our character that are underdeveloped, that require sharpening and refining.

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