What is the story that I’m telling myself that no longer serves me?

It seemed logical to me before I heard about the concept of a world view, that things are as I see them or in other words, how I see things is how everyone sees them because that’s how they are.

The truth is that we all interpret and give meaning to a situation based on our worldview or frame of reference. In other words I see things as I am not as they are. Read through comments on a Twitter thread if you don’t believe me.

The story that you tell yourself doesn’t need to be true to influence your outcomes, you just need to believe it.

For an example; a story is told of a man who had never ran before who entered this long distance marathon that was supposed to go on for days. He won the marathon over seasoned runners because he didn’t know that they were allowed to take a break at night and sleep.The story he was telling himself was incorrect but it gave him good results.

We are all vulnerable to distorted thinking patterns like catastrophicing, generalising, projecting, etc.

An important part of the coaching process is to help a client recognise their distorted thinking patterns; i.e the stories they tell themselves that no longer serve them.

At times this might feel like you are gaslighting them as a coach. For an example, there are real biases and prejudices against Black women because of their race and gender.

However, they still have a responsibility to assess what the story is they tell themselves about how that limits their ability to meet their career goals and whether that story is empowering or not.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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