When you are too identified with your experience.

When you are too identified with your experience.

One of the reasons why we are unable to achieve the next level of leadership, impact and income is that we are too identified with what our life experience has taught us.

We are too identified with how things usually work for us that we are unable to imagine having a different experience.

Experience is great if it is an experience of winning, because it has taught you to expect to win. That’s why successful people seem to keep succeeding. The gigs seem to go to the same people.

But what happens if you have always struggled, your wins are slow and you’ve failed a lot? What if your experience is that you are overlooked, that you have to work ten times as hard to get half as much?

If that has been your experience and you are too identified with it;

It’s going to be hard to imagine any other experience. And if you can’t imagine it, you can’t make it a reality.

What often happens when you are too identified with your experience of suffering is that you will set what I call ‘negative goals’. These are goals that you set to prove that you can’t achieve them while hoping this time things will be different.

That often doesn’t work or it does work in that you prove to yourself that your life experience is true. You fail to achieve the goal, because achieving it will destabilise your sense of reality.

How are you allowing what has been your experience of failure, struggle of being overlooked or opposed keep you from having a new and different experience?

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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