What reasons am I giving to mask my lack of conviction?

What reasons am I giving to mask my lack of conviction?

Getting to the next level will require us to be comfortable doing things that we are not willing to do right now. Things we might even despise right now.

Most often for women these are things that are considered masculine.

Things like initiating a negotiation for a

promotion, salary increase or to lead an important project. Things like self promotion and selling, boldly networking, intentionally raising your visibility or investing significantly in your personal development.

When we are confronted with the need to do what we’ve never done before, what feels very uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

We often hide behind there ‘that’s just not me’ excuse. We might even dislike people who do what we aren’t willing to do and go to great lengths to prove that they are undesirable and that we are not like them or that what they are doing is beneath us.

What we are unwilling to acknowledge is that the reason why we are not willing to take those type of actions is that we haven’t yet fully accepted our worthiness, we haven’t fully owned our deserving of who we want to be and have. We are using excuses to hide our lack of conviction.

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