When are you planning to drop that baggage?

When are you planning to drop that baggage?

A pattern I’m picking up from the Black Women I talk to is our inability to let go of the terrible things that happened to us. The regret, the pain, the shame is taking up so much space. There is none left to grow, to make an impact, to live a full life.

We have been trained as women to bear the fault when somethings goes wrong in our relationships and with those close to us. I have observed in many of the social media conversations. It doesn’t matter what the merits of the situation are, the fault makes its way to point to the woman.

That wouldn’t matter so much if we didn’t buy into it so much. More importantly if we didn’t hold on to it for so long. We carry the burdens of failed relationships 20 years later. I remember how in my 20s I would apologise to every man I met with so much shame about being a teenage mother. I now roll my eyes at the thought.

I meet women in their 40s who still choke with emotion about having a child in their teens, by marrying the wrong guy, by contracting an STD, by what their boss said, what that toxic colleague did to them, by being molested as a child or raped in their early years.

That happened 2 to 4 decades ago. You are still carrying that as a wound so raw as it it happened yesterday? When there are so many tools available to work through that? No!

This may sound cruel but it is not okay. You are waisting a precious life. Get help, release all that. Travel light, so you can focus on enjoying all that life has available for you. You are not special; an abundant, expansive life is available for everyone. You need to choose it and pursue it.

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