Are you jealous? Relax, it happens.

Are you jealous? Relax, it happens

Jealousy is a natural emotion, it happens to all of us. Anyone who tells you they do not get jealous must have transcended to super human. It’s your perception of and response to jealousy that you need to manage delicately.

There is a thin line between jealousy and admiration, one can even say jealousy is a form of admiration. How are you able to ascertain whether you have moved from admiration to jealousy? Jealousy feels like a trigger, it doesn’t feel good. It is an uncomfortable feeling.

How you respond to a feeling of jealousy is key. Not acknowledging that you feel jealousy is arguably the reason why you become passively mean or as they say nasty nice when you try to compliment a person whose accomplishments have triggered your feelings of jealousy. Sometimes just saying ‘I am so jealous’ can be so liberating.

How you deal with jealousy is how you deal with any trigger:

1. You acknowledge it

2. You take time to analyse what the trigger is trying to reveal to you. With jealousy it might be that you are acknowledging a desire that you have suppressed.

3. You respond: your response might just creating a temporary distance from the relationship so that you do not unconsciously cause harm – that’s why there’s a 30 day break from following someone on social media. It might mean deciding to be true to yourself and pursuing your desires, it might just mean self soothing or talking to a therapist or coach to unpack and work through this trigger.

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