Aren’t you tired of the start-stop-start cycle

Aren’t you tired of the start, stop, start cycle?

One of the reasons why our next level is often delayed is that we keep going through a cycle of pursing and giving up on achieving it.

We start with conviction and excitement, we set the goal and the strategy, we hit obstacles, give up.

Wander about for a couple of years, the desire comes back, we attempt it again with more knowledge and preparedness this time, we hit the next level of obstacles and give up again.

This time we may even convince ourselves that it was foolish and even irresponsible to have that goal. We should stop chasing waterfalls.

We may end up in a limbo, where we are just living a life that we tolerate. A desire that needs more and more intense numbing mechanisms.

The next level will always be above our current capabilities. It will always feel uncomfortable and uncertain.

We go through these cycles because we often do not allow ourselves to be supported.

You need someone to hold the vision steady while you navigate the complexities, the uncertainties, the obstacles. You will save yourself a lot of years of stumbling about.

The destination is guarantee if you stay the course. However the roadmap is often revealed one step at a time. The plan we have is often a place holder. The real plan that the Universe has, is usually different, illogical and is fraught with uncertainty. Give yourself the permission to be supported.

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