Are you willing to continually start anew

Are you willing to continually start anew?

We live in a world that is constantly changing at an even faster rate than ever. Technology is innovating at an even faster rate such that changes that took place in a period of decade, a century ago are way less than the amount of changes we experience in the same amount of time now.

Each technological advancement changes the ease of access to resources especially knowledge; which changes who we become, what’s possible for us and how we relate to each other.

There was a time when access to the scriptures was only available to the clergy which gave them power that was dissipated when translation, printing and distribution to the masses meant that anyone could read and reflect on the Bible.

The dawn of the internet created access to knowledge and connectivity that further distributed power to more people. For an example, it has become much easier , faster and cheaper to create a profitable business with just access to the internet, a device and social media.

We haven’t even fully figured out the impact of the pandemic in the way things work.

As a result, one has got to be willing to continuously assess what needs to change and be willing to change it. What worked 10 years ago may not work anymore. What worked at a certain level may not work for the next level.

You have to also be willing to assess who you are learning from. You cannot have Gurus that you follow without question. They may have the best intentions, may teach the truth that worked for them then but you have the responsibility to critically analyse if what they teach is still effective for the times and the level that you are in right now.

You have to be willing to start anew daily. You most power is located in the present moment. You can’t allow who you have been to get in the way of who you are becoming. You can’t allow how things used to work to get in the way of how things work right now. You have to be willing to try new ways, new tools, new paradigms.

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