What is your call to courage in 2023?

What is your call to courage for 2023?

What is the one thing that is calling for your bravery this year? The thing that is calling you to do it afraid, to do it imperfectly, to risk looking stupid, to risk being rejected, to risk falling flat on your face?

My call to courage in 2022 was to leave the comfort and safety of a job I did well, that paid me decently and to commit to full time entrepreneurship. I endured feeling unsafe for a few weeks and was rewarded with the most growth in clients, leads, revenue, followers and engagement in less than 6 months than I had since I started the business 3 years ago and in my 8 years of entrepreneurship.

Yours might be to create a legacy making change in your leadership that will make some powerful people uncomfortable, it might be committing to pursuing that top leadership position as an underdog, it might be going for that stretch income goal or it might be building bridges of reconciliation. Only you know what is truly calling you.

Whatever it is, it’s going to require you to do what you’ve never done before and to be willing to do it imperfectly. When Trevor Noah was asked what his process is of learning accents; He said that the reason why kids learn languages faster is because they are willing to look stupid by mimicking. He says that’s how he learns languages by first learning accents, allowing himself to sound stupid as he mimicks the particular accent.

Brene Brown differentiates between perfectionism and striving for excellence. Perfectionism is armouring, protecting us from fully showing up. From starting where we are and allowing ourselves to go through the ‘learning curve’ where there are inefficiencies and imperfections.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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