Are you ready to reclaim your humanity?

Are you ready to reclaim your humanity?

Toni Morrison and other anti-racism writers point out that the oppression of Black people was not so much about what the oppressors thought about Black people but was fundamentally about cheap labour. It was about turning us into beasts of labour, factors of production. It was a process of dehumanisation.

There had to be a process of breaking us, similar to domesticating an animal, removing its wildness, its agency. Making it submit its power to you. Making it find its delight it your approval, serving you and mimicking you.

For Black women the oppression was two fold. The oppression was both in the workplace and at home. At home where our bodies – our labour and wombs were commodified in service to the men in our lives.

The work for us Black people becomes that of self reclamation. Reclaiming our humanness, our agency. Just like that tiger and those two lions that have escaped captivity, claiming their wildness, rebelling against domestication.

Self reclamation also means choosing to do work that pleases you. Work that lights you up. Domestication calls that irresponsible, you are a beast of burden- work. Take pride in your hard work, that is your honour. Loving what you do is for the rebellious and irresponsible.

Part of the work of decolonising ourselves is choosing to claim our agency. The right to be human and to do the work that we love, the work that comes naturally for us. It’s not the privilege of some, it’s our unalienable right – liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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