Are you allowing time to be your tyrant?

Are you allowing time to be your tyrant?

There seems to be a general consensus that time is limited and we have to make productive use of each moment. The Covid-19 lockdown showed us that this is not true. There is plenty of time and a lot of what we choose to fill our time with is not necessary. Among the many gifts that the pandemic gave me, this paradigm shift is one I cherish the most.

The inheritance of racist and sexist oppression is the denial of our humanity, reducing it to working equipment in service of our masters. Slavery, colonisation and apartheid turned our bodies to that of workers who live and not human being who work. The trauma of that still live in our psyche and our ways of being and seeing ourselves.

For Black girls this was extended into the home where their whole lives were about how much hard work they can do in service to their family of their origin and in preparation to be hard working wives, the pride of their husbands and mothers in law. Where it was considered a shame for a girl to sit around and do nothing.

When we get to the workplace and entrepreneurship it becomes all about the grind and the hustle. It becomes about how hard you can work and be seen to be working. Popular slogans of the productivity slaughterhouse put down sleeping and resting and just being, as a sign of what ‘they’ said you are: a lazy…

Part of decolonising ourselves becomes reconciling ourselves with time. Upholding rest and self care as just as important as work. Audrey Lorde – writing about her struggles with cancer- says that we need to be able to differentiate between over exertion and stretching ourselves. That self care is not an act of self-indulgence but of self preservation and that is political warfare.

By all means be dedicated to your work, but please leave some of yourself for your own and loved ones enjoyment. You are just as valuable when you are being productive as you are when you are not.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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