How am I minimising myself right now?

How am I minimising myself right now?

A leader has a voice, a leader has presence, she takes up space, she is visible. She doesn’t need to shout out her presence but she doesn’t minimise it either.

There’s a reel sound that went viral, a lot of creators were mimicking it on Instagram. It went something like I wanted to come across as the shy quiet type but my loud self just wouldn’t let me.

Many of us girls have been raised to aspire to be the quiet well behaved type, who isn’t forward. While leadership requires the opposite, it requires you to show up, show your face, project your voice.

I tell the ladies who do interview preparation with me that there is a difference between humility and minimising yourself. If I was looking for a nanny to take care of my precious baby. I don’t want to hear that she baby sat but only for two weeks. I want to know that she is confident that she will be able to handle whatever situation she may come across when she’s alone with my child. I want to know that if she had to take my child to hospital without me, she can assert herself and protect the interests of my child.

I want her words, demeanour and energy to assure me that she is equal to the task.

I want her to take ownership of influencing my decision to hire her, not to passively provide me with information for me to make my own decision. I don’t want her to minimise herself and her role in influencing the decision to hire her.

I also expect that she will do her job with the same attitude of ownership. That she will lead and not just be a steward. She will be a courageous change maker, not just a likeable hard worker.

Are you ready to stop minimising yourself?

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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