Does it feel off? That’s cause it is!

Does it feel off? That’s cause it is.

We often talk about gaslighting as a form of narcissistic abuse but the truth is that we gaslight one another all the time. When someone is off and you ask them how they are and they tell you they are fine, that’s a form of gaslighting. What they are saying is that what you are sensing about their mood isn’t true.

I’ve just read a beautiful book by Nejwa Nadab that encourages one to build a home within themselves by creating a relationship of trust with themselves. Much of that is about listening to your intuition.

We all are energetic human beings and if we are in tune with our intuition, can feel the truth of any interaction energetically. However conditioning, and the trauma associated with experiences of abuse can have us to disconnected with our intuition.

It can be crazy making to intuit one thing and force yourself to believe another. It disconnects you from self trust and that creates a constant feeling of being unsafe within yourself which is the opposite of grounded confidence.

Nejwa confirmed what I’ve come to believe. That if it feels off that’s cause something is off. This is not about jumping to conclusions, but it is about being curious. It is about learning to trust that our intuition is pointing us to something that needs further analysis. That if something is moved within me, it is cause for reflection.

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