Is it time to grow up, Intentionally?

I’ve noticed a couple of interesting conversations on social media about growing older. From those who say they are not ready for the fact that they are now the adults in the room and my favourite; a photo of a typical South African aunty who is wearing a pinafore captioned: this is a dress code for women who were born in the 80s.

Growing older is fascinating because there are no internal markers for growing old. I guess that’s the reason why almost all of our cultures create rituals that serves as an external marker of the stage of life one is in. Marriage and children are also serve as significant external markers of one’s life stage.

Regardless of what life stage the external marker points to; you still have to intentionally give yourself the permission to embody the life stage you are in. Otherwise you can be a 60 year old who is still stuck in acting like a teenager.

The same applies to your career. You can be stuck in being the perpetual state of being novice, an apprentice; a perpetual potential, subordinate and follower.

At some point you have to intentionally graduate to the next life stage.
You need to give yourself the permission to move from being the worker bee to being the leader. Where you are now the responsible accountable adult in the room, the leader and the mentor.

Not because you’ve been around long enough but because you intentionally choose to step into and embody the next stage of your career.

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