Is it time to take a closer look?

Is it time to take a closer look?

A lady in a group leadership development group I was running. Reflected that she had come to a point in her life when she thought there was nothing new to learn anymore. She stopped reading books because she felt they all said the same things and thought all the trainings teach more of the same. It was only during that specific program that she realised that there’s so much she know, there’s so much to discover.

Our minds are created to be an efficient machine that automates everything it can, so it can create the capacity for our conscious mind to deal with the present. That’s why it is so easy to make snap judgments about something we don’t know enough about.

I had made the same snap judgements about Beyoncé a few years ago until I watched a documentary that showed her amazing work ethic, authenticity, creativity and kindness. I had one of those snap judgements dispelled a few weeks ago when I attended a women’s writers festival . I listened to a Black women writer whose writing I had categorised as frivolous. Being in her magnetic presence and hearing her describe her process made me so ashamed of my snap judgments that I’m not even going to reveal her name here.

Most of us can get to that frame of mind. The ya ya ya ya, blah blah blah frame of mind. The I know what you are going to say before you say it way of thinking . The I don’t think this book/speaker/trainer is going to teach me anything new mode of thinking.

If that’s who you are, is it not time perhaps to take a closer look? What are your snap judgements on coaching, on learning, on visualisation, on the so called woo woo stuff? What are you missing out on by not taking a closer look?

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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