How are you not acknowledging yourself right now?

How are you not acknowledging yourself right now?

When my son was a little boy, as soon as he has learned a new skill; he would have me watch me over and over again as he demonstrated his new ability. Now in retrospect, I realise that this was more about him than it was about me. He wanted me to witness, as an assurance to give him confidence that he has indeed moved to the next level of competence.

Acknowledging that we have mastered a level gives us confidence that we can repeat it over and over again. Not only that but that we can master new levels. We need this confidence because we always have to do something for the first time.

A CEO, who is often looked at as the most competent person in a company, has to be at some point a CEO for the first time. To say yes to that challenge, she has to lean on not only on her present competencies, but on her ability to acquire new ones as the situation requires.

Because of the way that we are socialised as women to passively demonstrate our desirability for a romantic partner in order for them to choose us. We do the same in the workplace, we often find it difficult to own our own competence, we rely on others to discover and advocate for us.

Dr Dermatini once said, no one wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about how to make your life better. You are going to have to do that for yourself, and because people love being part of a winning team, they will be begging to join you.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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