What if the math does not always have to math?

What if the math does not always have to math?

There have been a variety of studies that show that women generally only apply for jobs that they 100% qualify for. Which means they apply for jobs that they are probably over qualified for and they miss job opportunities that they might get if they took a chance.

This is not happening in a vacuum, research does show that women are judged on strict-er criteria than men are. This is compounded by the effect of race and anti-blackness when it comes to Black women.

The problem is that we often internalise these ridiculous standards. Which express themselves as an inner critic – a tyrannical task master who will not allow us to feel satisfied with our efforts. Who keeps us feeling like we are not enough, not doing enough, failing daily.

This in turn affects what we are able to manifest into our lives. We energetically block breakthroughs that we don’t believe we deserve. We push them further into the future where their manifestation no longer mean much to us.

What if you were to allow yourself to have things you do not deserve? What if you were to allow yourself to have promotions you don’t feel qualified for? What if you allowed yourself to earn more money than you believe anyone can pay you? It is safe to have your feet planted firmly on the ground and your heard in the clouds. It is safe to energetically let in some magic into your life. It is okay for the math, to not always math.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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